Wednesday, February 08, 2006


"Leon" can mean four different things, and it could be misleading:
  1. Leon city: it was the Kingdom´s capital
  2. Province of Leon: it was created in the year 1833.
  3. Kingdom of Leon (then "Region of Leon"); at the beginning it was made up by the actual provinces of Asturias, Leon, Zamora and Salamanca, but Asturias was segregated in the 15th century.
  4. Crown of Leon. In Spanish, a "Crown" is a group of kingdoms. The Leonese Crown was compounded of the whole Kingdom of Leon, plus Extremadura (Caceres, Badajoz and Huelva), Castile, Toledo and Galicia. Twice Castile won its independence (1065-1072, and 1157-1230), and the second time it created its own Crown with Toledo.
Don´t worry: I will always try to use the word "Leon" in an adecuate context.

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